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Calling All Freighter Nerds – Downriver is the New Destination for this Cool Activity

Episode 5: May 1st, 2024 Host Karl Ziomek talks with Detroit River Keeper Bob Burns and Ron Hinrichs , the president of SWCRC...

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Happy Trails! It’s Spring!

The Best Time to Enjoy Downriver Linked Greenways! Temperatures are getting warmer; the sun is out well into the evening, and we’re all...

NFL Draft 2024

The City of Romulus Welcomes Detroit is On the Clock Ahead of NFL Draft

The Romulus Athletic Center is Gearing Up for the NFL Draft with Family Fun Tips from Romulus Mayor Robert McCraight on Enjoying Your...

A group of business professionals meeting at a round table with their laptops.

Strengthening the Economic Future of Our Riverfront Communities

EPISODE 25 – October 27th, 2023 Host Karl Ziomek discusses the plans in place to help revitalize manufacturing sites on the Detroit Riverfront...

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Elliott’s Bakery and Coffee Shop

A Hometown Sugar Staple https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QytuggqYQfw Learn about the unforgettably delicious desserts made at Elliott’s Bakery and Coffee Shop as well as the history...

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Enjoy the Great Indoors with a Downriver Playcation!

MICHIGAN’S DAMP AND CHILLY MONTHS are upon us and sometimes it’s just too cold to go outside. Adults get cabin fever and kids...

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Not Your Dad’s Barbershop

Not Your Dad’s Barbershop Okay, barber shops are something you can find on every corner but Downriver has a genuine destination haircut emporium...

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Calder’s Dairy

Chocolate Milk to Drive For Could chocolate milk actually be a destination? It can when it’s from Calder’s Dairy. This is yet another...

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All About Grace

Shopping Safari Searching for a special downtown environment, Trenton has some great spots to browse and buy. One really unique retail experience that’s...

Jim's Butcher Shop

Flat Rock’s Resident Driven Small Business Salvation

JIM LATIMER and his family, who own Jim’s Butcher Shop, have served Flat Rock and the surrounding communities for over 40 years. But...